Jan Johnsen's Talk Topics

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Jan presents her popular illustrated slide talks at major flower and garden shows in the U.S. They are generally 50 minutes to 1-hour long. Some of the most popular lecture topics are shown below.

Serenity by Design

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Creating Simplicity, Sanctuary & Delight in the Garden
We all crave a serene haven outdoors where we can simply relax and enjoy the moment. This fascinating and lushly illustrated seminar shares intriguing ideas for creating simplicity, sanctuary & delight in a garden, exploring ways you can use the ‘power of place’, layout and shapes, the cardinal directions, and the use of color to create a landscape that elevates your mood and increases your sense of wellbeing. This is my most requested seminar at the New York Botanical Garden.

Liquid Dreams

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Unique Ideas for Adding Sparkle to Your Garden
Water is the magical ingredient in a garden. It can calm us or stimulate us, depending on its form. There are so many ways to incorporate water in a garden but some features are so much better than others! Fun ideas such as fog emitters and ‘spillover’ pots can make an outdoor space ‘magic’. I explore using water in all its forms – ephemeral, moving and still. Gorgeous images and fun ideas capture everyone’s imagination.

Stonework in the Garden

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An illuminating look at creative ways to incorporate stone in a landscape
The ‘spirit of stone’ reveals the secrets of Japanese stone types and placement in a garden. ‘Creative Stonework’ inspires with intriguing design ideas for stone paving, walls, steps and streams.

Color: Bold and Beautiful Landscapes

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This eye catching talk describes how color affects us and the natural world
I illustrate how reds excite, yellows stimulate, blues stabilize and greens calm us down. I show inspiring examples of color rich gardens and describe how sunlight helps us in our color decisions.

Postage Stamp Gardens

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Planters, Verticals, Accents & More
This Powerpoint talk gets everyone’s gardening juices flowing! I focus on gardening in tight spaces and offer many ideas for container plantings, green walls, stacked layouts and more. Informative handout included.

What to do with Your Soggy Garden

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Ideas for Beautiful, Damp & Sustainable Landscapes
Problem sites can be transformed into beautiful and bio-diverse gardens. This Power Point shows creative ways to turn a slope or soggy area into a lovely outdoor setting. I discuss rain gardens, permeable paving, rain catchment systems and native plants in this informative and timely presentation.