The Garden Lady chats about Heaven is a Garden

C.L. Fornari, aka The Garden Lady, has a wonderful garden radio show that airs every Saturday on the Cape Cod station WRKO from 12-2 p.m. You can hear it as a podcast online. Her show covers many gardening and landscaping topics and she discusses her favorite plants and answers listeners’ gardening questions. C.L. is also […]

The Rolling Crabapples – smile

This is funny. Glenn Eichler wrote an open letter to the New York Botanical Garden in 2014 in the New Yorker regarding his love of their rock garden. He felt it deserved more attention: “…rocks—dragged by glaciers, striped and striated by, I guess, also glaciers—deserve better. Not sexy? Compared to what, the Donald J. Bruckmann […]

Landscape Design – A High Calling

cascade – Jan Johnsen design “The world is moving into a phase when landscape design may well be recognized as the most comprehensive of the arts.”   Geoffrey Jellicoe, ‘The Landscape of Man: Shaping the Environment from Prehistory to the Present Day’  Creative ideas don’t just come out of thin air – they are an amalgam […]

10 Great Garden Photos of 2014….

Allium ‘Millenium’ by Laura McKillop What makes a great garden photo? Anything that delights you. But if I had to put my finger on it – salient aspects would be the quality of the light and the richness of color. And composition figures prominently. That said, here are some memorable photographs that have been featured in this year’s […]

Trompe l’oeil for 21st Century Landscapes

Michael Krondl – waterworks in Katonah, NY One day in 2007 I was driving along a road in my area when I saw a long wall of falling water that wasn’t there before. The water was gushing over the wall but I saw no evidence of any water beyond that . Hmmm….. Photo by Jan […]

Spring Colors 2015 – Serenity Rules

Pantone says that an eclectic mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutral colors will take center stage in 2015.                       They say designers of all kinds will draw from daydreams of simpler times and  will look to folkloric and floral art to restore […]

Most popular post of all: Angelonia, a flower that keeps on giving

Blue is everyone’s “favorite color.” It is, hands down, the most popular color worldwide and is the least “gender specific” color, having equal appeal to both men and women. Now Purple is giving blue a run for its money as the second favorite color…. Blue is the favored color for toothbrushes, so that says it […]

Carl Sagan’s Insightful Quote – Garden Wisdom

“What a marvelous cooperative arrangement – plants and animals each inhaling each other’s exhalations,   a kind of planet-wide mutual mouth-to-stoma resuscitation, the entire elegant cycle powered by a star 150 million kilometers away.”     — Carl Sagan, “Cosmos”