Gardening Ideas for Troubled Times

During this time of  Covid-19,  we must cultivate outselves, our well being and our gardens. Plants can be a soothing balm for troubled times. 

This is modified from the National Garden Bureau – click on the words for some great and informative links. 

Start some seeds.
Plan a vegetable garden

Plan to grow flowers for the joy they bring.

Take an online class about plants or gardens, or watch some YouTube instruction videos
Plan an herb garden.  

Take a walk in a nearby natural area: woods, field, desert, beach or park. 

Take this time to groom or repot houseplants. Remove dead leaves, refresh the soil, take cuttings of favorites so that later you can share the wealth with friends.

Create a new indoor display of plants. Make a row of small pots in bloom on your kitchen counter or the windowsill above your sink. 

Plan a new group of containers for your deck, porch or patio. Flowers, herbs, and vegetables await your creativity…go for color, fragrance, and flavor.

Help to get a young person out into the natural world. Plan a garden for your kids or grandchildren

cute little boy watering flowers watering can

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