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Trompe l’oeil for 21st Century Landscapes

Michael Krondl – waterworks in Katonah, NY One day in 2007 I was driving along a road in my area when I saw a long …

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Spring Colors 2015 – Serenity Rules

Pantone says that an eclectic mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutral colors will take center stage in 2015.         …

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Most popular post of all: Angelonia, a flower that keeps on giving

Blue is everyone’s “favorite color.” It is, hands down, the most popular color worldwide and is the least “gender specific” color, having equal appeal to …

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Carl Sagan’s Insightful Quote – Garden Wisdom

“What a marvelous cooperative arrangement – plants and animals each inhaling each other’s exhalations,   a kind of planet-wide mutual mouth-to-stoma resuscitation, the entire elegant …

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Colorful Garden Ideas

From Design Seeds Those of us who love color (me! me!) can’t resist the urge to include all the hues on the color wheel in …

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Heaven is a Garden Book

Heaven is a Garden – Designing Serene Outdoor Spaces for Inspiration and Reflection taps ancient traditions and modern ideas to show you a new way …

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